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 Adventures in Uncledom, part 1

Adventures in Uncledom, part 1
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Hooray, more comics! Drasticís Adam hasnít grown a beard since the last time I updated, this is actu-ally me, well, a more accurate representation of me rather than the rather 2 dimensional sideburn version of me. This is an actual conversation I had with my nephew Ben when I saw that crazy childrenís version of Noahís Ark in Benís book pile. Christ. I guess itís a fun story, sort of, but still, hardly a tale for impressionable youths. Hey, Noah, his family and all those animals are ok, but everyone else? Drowned. Dead at the bottom of the new ocean. Ok, night night. Boooo

Not much to talk about tonight, but there will definitely be a Drastic on Friday. Why am I so confident? Because its already drawn. Hooray.

See you later then.
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