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Man,CSS are ALL kinds of awesome. And true to form, I just thought they were Irish. I mean, they were on Phantom And they sound like the Warlords of Pez on sedatives, so I just joined the dots. Obviously, I came drew (if weíre sticking with the metaphor, a seriously wrong looking bunny. My bad. SERIOUSLY, IíM NOT A WHITE SUPREMICIST.

So why notvote to show the racists they canít win?? Although this incentive has nothing to with stopping race hate, and everything to do with Boston Legal.

Ok, Iím off now, and Iíll write more on Friday about why the hell I havenít been updating. Itís just been diffcult, and Iíve been having a hard enough time trying to write that this morning, and Iím running late now, so full explanations about stuff Friday.

Also, saw Wrath of Khan. It was pretty alright. By pretty alright, I mean totally awesome. I canít wait to see the time travel one again. Hehe, Nuclear Wessels. Looking forward to it. Oh jesus, Iím becoming a Trekkie. As if I ddinít already have a enough problems.


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