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 Seriously, where's the Cagney & Lacey Movie?

Seriously, where's the Cagney & Lacey Movie?
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Yeah, I know, I suck. Stupid life getting in the way of doing comics. Seriously, I have a ton written, but I literally havenít had the energy to draw one. Quick life tip: No matter what you may think, self destructive behaviour isnít eccentric and charming. I know the clues in the name, but come on.

Seriously, Shatner would be a great Hannibal Smith. Itíd be beyond great. Heís completely gone off the deep end and just doesnít care. How magnificent is that?? Bill Shatner is the embodiment of how awesome it is to be old. I mean, once you reach a certain age, you can literally stop giving a shit and so whatever you want, with very little consequence. Its exactly like being in your twenties, but youíll have money and if you drop dead, its not as big of a deal. Sure itíll be sad, once you hit 65, most people will be surreptitiously checking their watches and places bets on when you snuff it. Itís a fact of life, you canít escape it.

I got my hands on the new Queens of the Stone Age album, Era Vulgaris. I still have no idea what to think of it. Itís easily one of the most unique sounding records Iíve heard this year, but is it any good?? Iím still not sure. It does sound like Radiohead took a whole bunch of coke and speed and decided to rock the fuck out, though. So I guess it has that going in its favour. I uploaded 6 of the tracks for you to check out and see for yourself.

The track are : Turning the Screw, Sick Sick Sick, Iím Designer, Battery Acid, 3ís & 7ís and Suture up your Future. Like I said, itís a really interesting album to listen to, so check it out. Sick Sick Sick is pretty much all over the place, and is a good indication of what the main direction of this album is. I really hope ďIím designerĒ gets more exposure as itís a genuinely creepy song and a lot of fun.
So, I lost an Eagle Award to Penny Arcade. Iím pissed that I lost, but still honoured I was nominated. I really want to thank everyone who voted for me, that was awesome. Thanks guys.
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