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 "Kittenesque" to Coin a Phrase

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Seriously, there is a John Lennon action figure you can buy

It comes in regular old 7 inch scale, so John Lennon can hang out with your Ninja Turtle toys and what not and you can get the 18 inch version shown up top. It speaks and everything. By the by, itís all I can do not to get some of the Turtles toys from the new movie. Well, I say ďnew,Ē the awesome one released in March. They look pretty shitty and thatís my saving grace. For now. But Michelangelo has a skateboard..

So yeah, no voting thingy. Iím technically on holidays here, visiting my Dad in Brussels, and there is lots to do. Why, on Monday, I got lost in Ikea. Well, sort of. Are all Ikeaís that big?? I am in two minds about Ikea. On the one hand, all the stuff looks great and handily enough, there are little play centres dotted around the place at nearly the precise moment I started to get bored of looking at couches and lampshades and beds and what have you, but on the other hand, I know as I get older, Ikea will literally sap the life out of me. I saw people, walking around in a zombie like state on a quest to have stuff and things for their homes and itís a chilling future. Maybe those people fiercely opposed to Marriage could use ďDonít let Ikea WinĒ as a slogan??

Also, Iím thinking about faking senility when Iím in my seventies, just for shits and giggles. Iíll be seventy years old for gods sake, let me have some fun. So if my grandchildren are reading this, haha, got you.


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