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 Please don't let it be Boston Legal Slash Fic...

Please don't let it be Boston Legal Slash Fic...
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Hey hey guys, hope youíre all set for a great weekend. I really hope the weather is a nice with you as it is here. The sun is shining, Iím wearing shorts, whatís not to love?? And the best part is that Ireland is enjoying fantastic weather too.

So yeah, the Election campaigns are in full swing, I guess. As Iím typing this rant up, Trevor Sergeant is talking about banning Junk Food advertising for children under 12. I really want to agree with the Green Party, I really do, but come on. Even if Mc Donalds didnít advertise, people would still want to eat there. We need to change attitudes, and we canít do that by blanket bans which look like knee jerk reactions. Also, it is impossible to take a bunch of people seriously who publicly refused to take their electric razors to England so they wouldnít be using nuclear energy. I donít even want to get into the many, many, many things wrong with that statement.

Also, no voting incentive today, but theyíll be back next week. Hooray.

See you on Monday.
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