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 Well, She won't let him Rap Gansta

Well, She won't let him Rap Gansta
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It's always a hard time to be a Metallica fan. They always seem to be pushing people away in the public eye. Be it from dealings with Napster, two Albums that seem to alienate their fan base with how "different" they were, and revealing to be among the biggest assholes in history in their documentary "Some Kind Of Monster." No matter what they do, they almost allow themselves to easily disliked.

Despite of all this, or maybe because of it, I'm still a huge fan. I donít know how unique this opinion is, but I am adamant that their 2003 effort St. Anger is their best Album yet. Even though it was stripped down and built back up using Pro Tools, it is their first record which genuinely sounds like a collection of songs written by four friends. Notwithstanding the initial technological facade of the sound, I think it comes off as ineradicably organic audio experience. And no matter what you think, it is very hard to deny that Metallica can still put on an incredible live show. For a bunch of guys in their 40's, they can still rock. I just wish they could out an album. Jesus Christ guy, it'll be four ears since a new release this June. Come on.

Also, have you Pre-Ordered a copy of The Kid's Book Project?? The more pre orders we get, the more copies we can order on top of those additional orders, so dig deep guys. Its for a great cause.


see you tomorrow guys

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