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 She's still Shocked that he knows what "reticent" means

She's still Shocked that he knows what
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Well, you guessed it, I totally fucked up on this five days a week update thing. Oh well, I got three up anyway. Anyways, I'm in Brusslls at the moment visting my Dad, and I'm loving it. Its a great city. It was literally infested with Boy Scouts on Sunday, but I can hardly blame a city for that, no mattr how hard I try. Seriously, who the fuck would want to abduct children when they're that annoying?? I guess people are just fucked up I guessed.

Also, voting time!! I hope you like it. Good ol'Mr T.

Anyway, My poor old faithful and loved Wacom Tablet, Jacob, died over the weekend. As you know, it gave up last year, but started working again and everything was great. But now, on Saturday, when I was trying to get todays comic up, it finally gave up the ghost. It was a good friend. Oh well,. I got a new Tablet yesterday which I have Christened Denny. LONG LIVE DENNY!!

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