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 The Cardboard Box Proved Fruitless

The Cardboard Box Proved Fruitless
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I know this statement is kinda ironic since Today's comic is hardly on time, but seriously, there'll be updates everyday this week till Friday. I have it all written out and everything. Even though I actually had planned to do a different strip for today, but i forgot I was going to run it until I was halfway done with today's. Oh well. You'll see it soon. Oh yes.

This isn't going to the only time I'm going to mention this, but I'm involved with something called "The Kid's Book Project" Essentially its a huge comic jam for The Make a Wish Foundation. 60 webcomic artists like Joe Dunn Mitch Clem and the freakishly tall Ryan North and myself are all drawing a page. But we only get to see the page that comes before ours, so it should make for a pretty interesting comic. I know i plan to drink a whole bottle of cough syrup to make it extra freaky. or not. It is for under 12's and for a really good cause. I doubt tripping balls is in the spirit of this. Anyways, seriously, we need all the pre-orders we can get, so we make the maximum amount for The Make a Wish.

No incentive, but here's a comprehensive list of the films that use the word "fuck" the most. Enjoy.

See you tomorrow.

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