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 You are Totally Humming that Theme Right Now, Right??

You are Totally Humming that Theme Right Now, Right??
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hey, sorry its been so long. I've genuinely had lot of my plate recently and I just haven't been able to sit down and get a comic done. I'm really sorry about that and it kills me that I have missed 5 updates. I hope you don't think that this means I have become apathetic towards the comic, cos nothing could be father from the truth. I had just gotten into a position where I just couldn't do the comic. I hope you can forgive me.

Anyways, it's voting time. I couldn't think of an actual incentive to do, But I hope you like what you see. Seriously, I couldn't think of anything, I was literally scribbling away for like thirty minutes and nothing good was coming through.

And one more thing before I get back to drawing next weeks comics,

Eagle Awards Baby

If you'd like to go and vote for Drastic in the Eagle Awards, please do. That would be awesome. Its in category 27, favourite Web Based comic Thank you all so much.

OK< I'm off and seriously to make up for this absolute lack of Drastic, I plan to update on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday next week. It's a thanks and an apology for sticking with the drought. YAY you guys.

Don't forget you can add all the feedback you want on the Drastic LJ!!

See you on Monday

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