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 Singing from the Back of Your Throat

Singing from the Back of Your Throat
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So, yeah Oasis. As best as i can remember, i think i stopped listening to them when I was 16, when "Standing on the Shoulder of Giants" came out and it left me cold and I started listening to much better music. But over the weekend, i was listening to Radihead's "Creep" for the first time in ages and then I got an urge to hear some Oasis for some reason, and I put on that album of b sides they have, and was genuinely shocked by good some of this stuff still is. "half the World Away" and "the Masterplan" still blow me away. I'm not saying that this is the best band ever, BUT i definitely gave them the short end of the stick. I am still have my trepidations about listening to the new stuff, even though "Fuckin' in The Bushes" is AN AWESOME tune.

Now check that out. That is the cover to what could be the most awesome comic ever. It's Called TRANSFORMERS SPOTLIGHT: KUP and it is written and drawn by Up and coming SUPERSTAR Nick Roche. the fact that he is Irish makes this even better. Not that you need anymore incentive to buy this, but it's Kup, everyone's faveourite grumpy Transformer, versus a whole planet of Robot Zombies. Yes that's right, Robot Zombies. Oh yes. It's out on April the 11th, so check it out.

OK, Voting time!! I don't know how many of you watched Louis Theroux's documentary on the "Most hated Family in America" last night, but whoa. That was unsettling an hour. For those unfamiliar, this was a documentary about the Phelps Family. These are the people responsible for those "God Hates Fags" signs. Yep, them. It's a church set up By Fred Phelps which believes that EVERYONE except them is going to hell because we all tolerate homosexuality and other perversions. Moreso, they believe that America is doomed beyond all redemption and the soldiers killed in Iraq and in other US led conflicts are in fact, struck down by God for defending a corrupt nation and for worshiping a flag more than him. As an extension of this, they now picket military funerals of these troops to let everyone know they are going to hell. YAY. Not only that, they bring their children, out to protest. Super!!

What i found most difficult to deal with was, that outside of their hate-fueled protests, was how human they seemed. In the Documentary, one the children prostesting was hit on the head with a cup from a passing car. The maternal and kind way he was treated by Phelps daughter, Shirley, shook. She was so nice to him, like he was one of his own. He certainly didn't look like one of hers. If you took the footage of Theroux with the kids in the kitchen, playing in the garden, going bowling or even at that ice skating rink, they seemed like an ordinary, happy family.

In regards to the child, the fact of the matter is that child should not have been out there to be a target in the first place. That being said, trying to hit any target from a moving vehicle is pretty difficult, and I think it was just an unfortunate accident that poor child was hit.

I guess i wasn't prepared to see these people portrayed as anything but monsters. The sad fact of the matter of is, I don't think anyone outside of Fred Phelps themselves is a truly bad person. I'm willing to be to talked out of this opinion, but I honestly believe growing up in that environment, his children didn't have a chance.

I can only imagine what a better place this world would be in these people put their energies and their passion into something worthwhile and not as narrow minded and as destructive as their current path.

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THANKS!!! Ok, See you on Wednesday and I hope you all got a kick out of Our April Fool's Day prank!! YAY veggies!!

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