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Dudes, seriously. Thanks so much. Remember last month when i asked you guys to try and get me nominated for an Eagle Award?? Well...it totally fucking worked!! Drastic is nominated for an Eagle Award!!!! WHOOOOO!!! Seriously, its true. You can vote right here. It's category 27: "Favourite Web-Based Comic." I'm in a tough group with Penny-Arcade, PVP, Sonic the Comic and The Dreamland comics. All joking aside, i really want to win this. I'd be lying if i said it was an honour just to be nominated. It is hugely gratifying to be nominated and it's a honour, believe me and I am extremely proud of myself and of Drastic to even get this far. But now that I have gotten this far, fuck it, I want to win. I am going big, or going home. SO, please VOTE for me. if you could get your friends to vote for me, that too would be great. I need all the help I can get here, as like i said, I'm the real underdog here. I know there's an way to spam the voting using multiple email addy's but I'd honestly rather you didn't do that. That honestly seems like cheating to me. And besides, one of the other nominee's has asked his readers to that, and it comes off as incredibly tacky.

For all those (rightly) concerned with the effect of being nominated for something so huge would have on me, i think today's voting incentive will answer that. By the way, the Buzzcomix voting has been awesome, I think Drastic will break into the top 40 either today or next month, so thats awesome. Thanks guys.

I just want to take a moment to thank all you guys as well. As readers you are awesome. Seriously you are fantastic, you don't mind me spamming your inboxes with updates every Monday, Wednesday and Frieday, and even on today's like today when the comic's late, you'll still check it out. Thanks guys.I really appreciate it.

OK, before i go, i just want to point you towards the Kings of Leon's myspace page. Their new album, "Because of the Times" is out soon, and its pretty nifty, easily their strongest album, yet. i was going to upload a preview of the album today, (well 5 random tracks which i think you'd have liked) BUT the guys have beaten my to it, and put the whole album online!! AWESOME. Be sure to check out track 2: "Charmer," as you will not be able to escape from that song. I guarantee it.

Enjoy your weekend guys!!


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