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 Ducenti for the Latin Scholars / Snobs

Ducenti for the Latin Scholars / Snobs
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SO, this is strip number 200. FUCKING HELL. While on the one hand, Iím pleased that I have lasted this long, but on the other, I just feel that I havenít found anything better to do for the last few years, you know?? I guess this is an achievement. Sort of. Itís not like Iíve cured cancer, or figured out why people refer to Catherine Tate as a ďcomedienne.Ē The best reasoning I can think of is probably politeness.

But seriously guys, thanks for reading. And for those who have been here from the start, extra gratitude for you guys. As the incentive points out, the early days were some tough times. Seriously, I hate reading through the early stuff. While I am very proud of my current output, The first fifty or so strips makes me want to hide in a corner while whispering to myself that it will all be ok in the end. Thereís some mention of going to my happy place too. Ugh. Again, Iím Sorry. I am making my sad face right now.

Anyways, I just want to say thanks to a few people who have made sure Iíve gotten 200 comics online and made this a really good experience. Most notably Gill Smyth and Niall Feeney. Gill, seriously, I know we donít do this together anymore, but I really miss working with you and thereís no way I could have done this without you. I love you and Iím lucky to be your friend. Niall, I guess youíre to blame for putting the idea in my head that we could do a webcomic. Thanks dude. Again, some other people I couldnít not mention are, John Hendrick, Bruno Batista, Mike F, Mark Hall, Patrick Tobin, Sonja Mitchell, Lucian Von Doom, Youri Zoutman, Simon Jones, James Gallagher, Dani Nuchereno, and Dina Pirutinsky. I couldnít go without thanking two of my favourite webcomic dudes, whose support has been immeasurable, Joe Dunn and Zach Weiner. And I suppose, Kyle Rogers, too, if only to show me how NOT to do it. :P that was ďha, only joking (but not really) face. And I couldnít go without saying a big thank you to Everyone on Millarworld" for putting up with my shenanigans for so long. Itís one of the main reasons I donít have my own forum for Drastic as in all honestly, I donít have the attention span for two message boards and thereís no way I could make a better forum than MW.

A special thank you (so special he even got his own paragraph) to Mr Mark Millar who gave me the quote that adorns our headline. I love it. Thanks, Chief.

Here's the full quote in all it's glory.
"Adam Murray turned to comics after years of violent sectarian bloodshed and Ireland is a safer place for it. Do your part for the peace process by checking out the excellent Drastic and keep this bastard off the streets." Ė Mark Millar

And I really want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read Drastic every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Without you guys, there is no comic.

Seriously guys,

Thank you.

© 2005,2006 Adam Murray