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 What Did They Think When They Were Making, Kill Bill?

What Did They Think When They Were Making, Kill Bill?
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Hey, my rant's *finally* up. I was going to make up an excuse involving kittens, fires and heroic acts committed by me, but I'm not going to because I'm just lazy. And besides, who reads my rants anyway? Who'll bother scrolling all the way down here?

First of all, i hope you like the strip, and yes, i know i went to town on the shading, but doesn't Kirk look so cool? Yeah, you know it. But answers to Morgan's question, I have nothing against Daredevil, i love that horn-headed son of a bitch, it's just , how can i put this?


Jesus Christ, everything I've seen him in that wasn't directed by Kevin Smith, I've hated, he is just one of the worst actors of his generation, quite a feat when you think about it.

But something weird happens when Kevin Smith gets his chubby auteur hands on him, something's different. Of course, he's still a terrible, terrible actor, but it just works when he's directed by Smith. It may be something to do with the fact that Smith keeps casting him as an asshole, I dunno. But it probably has something to with this quote i read of Kevin's in an interview regarding working constantly with Affleck...

"I'm a Moron, but you've got to have someone who knows less that you do, which is why Affleck has been in five of my movies"

Oh yeah, i think i looked pretty good in a smoking jacket, if any of you know where i can lay my grubby little hands on them i'd be grateful. They rock

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