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 SnakeBusters: they Ain't Afraid of No Ghost...wait...

SnakeBusters: they Ain't Afraid of No Ghost...wait...
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Hey, it’s that time of year, St Paddy’s Day again. Well, it was. Over the weekend. I hope you all had a good weekend. As you can see I’m airing my usual grievances about our “Patron” Saint. I’ve expanded on this even more clearly here (whoa, that strip is essentially a year old. Well, 364 days, as it went online the 20th of March 2006. Holy shit, that seems like a lifetime ago). Essentially, I think St. Paddy is both a fraud and a huckster, even though they are two terms that essentially mean the same thing. I was going to say “Charlatan,” but I chickened out as I think “huckster” is a funny word.

But anyways, my line of Turtle themed incentives continues again over at Buzzcomix. I dunno why, even though they have been incredibly good to me, I still feel vaguely embarrassed whenever I type “Buzzcomix.” I know my relationship with spelling has been a casual one at best, but seriously, its MEANT to be spelt like that. I’m not being sloppy here. Anyways, just go vote already.

Speaking of the Ninja Turtles, I saw a preview screening of the new movie over the weekend. HOLY CRAP. Even though, I had high expectations going in, they were smashed. The film works as an actual movie rather than “Oh my God, Mikey is sooo funny!!” An in places, is really complex and surprisingly mature. I have a Turtles comic planned from Friday, and I’ll talk more about it then as the film is released then.
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