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 C is also for Crackpot

C is also for Crackpot
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Yeah, so is Pepsi the fucking Devil?? Iím saying nothing, as I donít want to be sued. But the reactionary, skewed and pretty circumstantial. Hereís the rock solid Wiki, which only scratches the surface guys. Iím that, Bowie gets sponsored by Pepsi and BOOM (or WHALLOP) he gets charged with assault. Coincidence?? Probably. Would Poor old Michael J Fox have been afflicted with Parkinsonís if he endorsed another brand name soda? I guess weíll never know. Could this be the curse of Pepsi?? I heard Mariah Carey was just a down to Earth, undemanding, friendly singer. Now look at her. If you wanted the evidence to point in this direction, itís irrefutable.

Also, Goddamn it, I canít find an article about the dude I heard on the news last night. Essentially, he punched a baby. If you thought of Penny Arcade, this incentives for you.

Also, my ďbuddyĒ Kyle did a comic about me. Essentially. here it is. I honestly donít remember biting him. I am confident, he deserved it though. Heís a massive prick in real life. Only joking Kyle. Youíre a regular old prick in person.


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