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 No blondes in Nick Cave's immediate future..

No blondes in Nick Cave's immediate future..
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Hey gang!! This is going to be a short one as there’s lots going on here. HURRAH. Anyways, Grinderman jesus Christ is this an intense, scary album. Writing songs when you are feeling misanthropic and generally melancholic is one thing, but it is a totally different game if you are writing when you are this full of bile and rage. It makes for a really unique listening experience. But rather than have me rattle on about how awesome it is, why not check it out for yourself right HERE?? I have no idea how long that link will last for, so act quick!! Also, depending on whether or not you have a yousendit account you MIGHt be asked ti create one, but seriously, no biggie yeah??

Also, we have another Turtles themed incentive so check it out!! I cannot wait for that movie, it’s not even funny. BUT I do want to see a trailer for it on the big screen first though. Cinema logic dictates that sometime already “radical” or “bodacious” becomes even more “tubular” or “bombastic” when shown on a 60 foot Screen. There will be a day in the next couple of weeks where I will be able to say “Cowabunga,” without any sense of irony. Please let that day be soon.


And by the way, the Hot Fuzz Soundtrack just makes EVERYTHING better.

Ok, I am outta here.

I’m definitely not staying away from the computer because I will only drive myself mad checking if the Eagle Awards Nominations are up. Oh no. Are they up??

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