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 ZOMG!! Spolierz!!!!1one!!

ZOMG!! Spolierz!!!!1one!!
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So yeah, Captain America is dead.. Well as dead as a fictional character can be I guess. I mean attention in its news cycle, didnít it?? I mean, this is insane. We all kind of expected the big budget summer event, Civil War to be on the news, as Mark Millar is a media savvy motherfucker, but this is an unexpected explosion in interest. Even in a community as jaded as comic book forums denizens, it is awesome beyond belief to have people surprised when the book actually hit the shelves. Thanks to the internet we run the risk of everything being spoiled for us. Knowledge is ruining our fun. But yes, Captain America 25 took us all by surprise. HOLY CRAP, did anyone see that coming?? If you missed it, I have no doubt that the clever people at marvel will have a second printing available as soon as possible, so watch out for it. OR better yet, if you are that interested, go find your Local Comic Shop and ask if they can put a copy aside for you. Then go and buy some Sharknife and If they have it, Daisy Kutter as they are books made out of pure awesome. YAY.

Also, voting time is upon us. Itís an alternate comic, but not really. The subject matter is the same, it just goes in a totally different direction. I have no idea which I prefer.

So yeah, have a great weekend and Iíll see you here on Monday. Thanks guys!!
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