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Ok, before I start, I want to say something. I, Adam Murray, in all seriousness and sincerity think Donny Osmond is a badass. And I will fight anyone who disagrees with me. I honestly couldnít give two shits about his musical career. What I find amazing is that everywhere he goes, people just go apeshit for him. In every interview I have ever seen him give, the female interviewers are practically molesting this dude. And does he let it go to his head?? Fuck no. Heís just comes across as a really reasonable down to earth dude who has come to terms with how he came to be famous and has no problems with it. In my eyes, Donny is a smooth son of a bitch. A badass if you will. Also, I still need to find a video of him going totally flipping out at some dude at a concert he gave and doing a heavy metal version of puppy love just to piss off one Heckler. How cool is that?? For those interested, his new album, Love Songs of the 70ís was released on Monday, for those desperate for a Motherís Day in a couple weeks. Believe me, your Mom will love it. FUN FACT: Your and everyone elseís Mother wants to rape Donny Osmond.

Also, its voting time again. HUZZAH. This goes out (sort of) to my TMNT related partner in crime, Dina as you sparked my love for Donatello once again. Just vote to see what Iím talking about.

Also, I got my hands on two awesome albums the other day. Of course we all knew The Arcade Fireís new album, Neon Bible was going to be awesome. And it is. I really liked Funeral, and this is more of the same, only much more experienced. There are some really haunting chilling tracks on there, especially the track ďAntichrist Television Blues,Ē which freaked the ever loving shit out of me. And I mean that in the best way possible.

The album Iíve been listening too is Tokyo Police Clubís Debut, A Lesson In Crime. Iís really raw, brutal stuff and is TREMENDOUS amounts of fun to listen to. Not convinced?? Check out their Myspace for a few tracks.

Man, it feels great to be making a really long newspost again. GO TEAM VENTURE!! I mean, GO TEAM ADAM!!!

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