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 They Are TOTALLY Urinating in Panel One

They Are TOTALLY Urinating in Panel One
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Heyhey guys!! Sorry this late. Oops. Oh well. Before I start, Iíd just like to thank the awesome people over at Sequential Tart and Steve Saunders from All the Rage for their Kind words. Kind, yet truthful and totally obvious words. Thanks again guys. Iím nothing if not honest.

Also, YAY VOTING!! I drew this at the the Dublin Comic Jam on Saturday. I need to scan in the stuff from my sketch book and when people get theirs up, Iíll post that too. It was pretty great to finally meet Kyle Rogers of Fysh bowl comics and its good to know I have the better hair. BOO YEAH

Also, Steve Carrell Drunk. Nuff said.

See you tomorrow.

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