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 "Bovine" is an Inherently Funny Word

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In all seriousness, a man DID get hit by a Runaway cow. here's the article. I only managed to read about in the Irish Times and that article is under their "premium users" blanket, so here's the article, cut and pasted, using glorious technology.

Man hit by runaway cow

LONDON - A man remained critically ill in hospital last night after being hit by a runaway cow which caused mayhem when it charged into a railway station.

The 43-year-old, believed to be called Andrew Truelove, was airlifted to hospital with severe head injuries after being struck by the animal as it broke free from a cattle mart in Rugby, Warwickshire. - (PA)

I really hope the guy pulls through and doesn't well, die. Because that would be awful. For one he'd be dead, and what a tragic loss that'd be for his family and that means I just made a joke about a dead dude. But dude, in all fairness, you got HIT BY A RUNAWAY COW.

John "Look Who's Talking Now" Travolta believes that Scientology could have "saved" Anna Nicole. I want you all to be aware that the above soundbyte was gleamed during a PROMOTIONAL interview for Travolta's new Movie, "Wild Hogs." Jesus fuck, do these people have no shame?? I know its been months, is this woman even buried yet?? Have some goddamn compassion and exert a little objectivity before using a death like this to shove your voodoo down people's throat, you feckless bunch of thugs.

Also, VOTINGresumes on Monday. Whoo!!! Also, for those so inclined, the Dublin Comic Jam is happening this Saturday, the 3rd of March in the Duke Pub, just off Grafton street. I'll be thre from around 7, although I believe its kicking off around 6. I'll be the handsome one with the beard and the confused/terrified face.

Also, I really want to thank everyone who voted to niominate me for an Eagle these last few months. I really means alot. Thanks guys.

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