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 It's Not Like you Need To Be Reminded

It's Not Like you Need To Be Reminded
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This Strip was inspired by this SNL skit. When I say “inspired,” I mean I really liked it as it fuses my bizarre, almost disturbing love for Alec Baldwin and my much more justifiable love for Mr Tony Bennett. God, I love Tony Bennett, nearly as much as I love Alec Baldwin. You should check out his latest record, Duets: An American Classicwhere he performs with a whole bunch of legends like Diana Krall, James Taylor and Stevie Wonder. Somehow, Bono slipped on the album, and Bennett just outclasses him in everyway. It was a joy to listen to. As Fonzie might say” Christ, happened to my career?” or more aptly, “Ayyyyyyyyyyuh”

Anyway, today is the LAST DAY to try and get Drastic nominated for an Eagle Award. I don’t really mind who you vote for as long as you vote for Drastic in the “Favourite Web Based Comic”Category. I really want to be nominated as pathetic as this sounds, it would be such a good sign that I’m not wasting my life doing this. I guess I shouldn’t take this stuff so seriously, but I do, and fuck it, I want a goddamn nomination.

Thanks guys!!

See you on Friday

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