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 He Must Love the Sound of His own Voice...

He Must Love the Sound of His own Voice...
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First of all, I really want to be upfront about something that I feel vaguely guilty about. The woman with the sign in the third panel actually exists. I saw her on the lunchtime news on an English station in a feature they were doing on the new stricter penalties on in car mobile phone use. She and some of her family and friends stand at busy junction in their town and shout at people who are their mobile phones. As soon as I saw that dichotomy of that situation, the comedy was already there, almost ripe for the taking. Literally, in seconds, this strip was written. But here where this gets tricky. The reason why this woman is protesting is because her daughter was knocked down and killed by some idiot driving while on the phone. I feel really bad about this know. I’m essentially exploiting her daughter’s death and the incredibly personal reasons for her protest as a fodder for a cheap laugh. GAH. I still really like the joke and yet, I still feel fairly hesitant about this comic. So I guess this pathetic little dance is me trying to assuage my guilt. And that was another lesson in ethics or as I call them “The shit that holds me back.”

Anyway, we have now just TWO DAYS to try and get Drastic nominated for an Eagle Award. I don’t really mind who you vote for as long as you vote for Drastic in the “Favourite Web Based Comic”Category. I really want to be nominated as pathetic as this sounds, it would be such a good sign that I’m not wasting my life doing this. I guess I shouldn’t take this stuff so seriously, but I do, and fuck it, I want a Ger O’Donnell. I went to college with him and recently got back into touch through the horror/awesomeness of Myspace. Holy shit. He was already a sickeningly creative son of a bitch, and now he’s really focused on his music and sweet fucking Christ, his stuff is amazing. I cannot believe how good he is. You won’t regret checking his stuff out. Especially the song “Dry Love.” He’s fucking brilliant and you’ll love him too. Or else. Seriously, there is an awesome Bowie/ T-Rex vibe to his stuff and its only acoustic guitar demos at this point. Imagine how awesome he’ll be with a fill band behind him??

See you on Wednesday!!

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