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Early McEarlington
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Hey guys!!

Not much to say except that meat is like disgusting and vegetables are awesome. Like, for sure. When I was looking up pictures of meat for the second panel, I felt sad, angry and nauseous in one go. Let me tell you, it was a fun ride. And since Iím ďnot allowedĒ to email these guys, let me say this: you amateur bunch of skullfuckers, do you have any clue about PR and marketing?? Jesus Christ, you embarrass me so much.

Hey, Iím sort of backed up at the moment, so Iím putting a halt on voting voting for a week. Iím just going take a few days off from doing incentives, get my momentum back with the comic and continue on in March. (probably the 28th of this month, as I want the rollover as I donít want to miss a days voting)

Ok, Iím off back to work!!

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