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 Putting the "esto" in Manifesto.

Putting the
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So it snowed last night. I was very happy. And then, it stopped. Itís difficult to find the word to express my bitterness. Difficult indeed. This is where a of those text based emoticons to express sadness would go, if I were so inclined. I am not as it would detract from my sorrow at losing the first chance at snow Iíve had in years. Years. Harumph. Thatís a word Iím using to express frustration now. Harumph indeed.

The voting shenanigans are back!! If you saw last week, the the theme started off, as will be carried for as long I still have ideas for them>> Curious?? Why vote vote now to see!!

The Eagle Awards are still looking for nominations, so its not too late nominate Drastic in the Favourite Web Based comic category! You know you want to. Besides, judging from the line up, Iíd be only nominee actually there, so vote with your heart, and if your heart is telling you vote for PVP, rip out your treachous cardiac muscle and nominate Drastic with your dying breath. Fucking PVP. But at least Kurtz updates.

See you on Friday!!

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