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 Nerds Can't Menstruate, Surely??

Nerds Can't Menstruate, Surely??
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YAY, Tuesday update!!! WHOOO. The Spectre of continuity is rearing is filthy, thetan head here, though… Nerds are funny though. Even though we’re like the bottom of the social food chain, culturally speaking, the hierarchy that exists is fucking hilarious. People who solely read independent comics scorn those who only read superhero book and those Superhero readers think the people who only read indies are self obsessed snobs. But at the end of the day, they’re both comic book fans, can’t they just get along?? Hooray. Lets put aside of differences and just be friends. How about that?? Except people who play Magic: The Gathering, they can fuck right off.

VOTING TIME!!! So until next Friday, I have a special theme running with the incentives. Hope you like it.

As I was saying yesterday, The Eagle Awards are currently getting together its Nominations for the 2006 awards. And Drastic is in the running. The list of nominations has to be whittled down to like a final five by the 28th of February, so the actual voting can begin properly in March. SO, what I’m asking here is, please nominate me in the “Favourite Web-Based Comics:” Category.

The Eagles are essentially the biggest award in UK comics. While I think winning would be beyond awesome, and let’s face it, I want to win, but I realise getting nominated is good enough, so that’s my actual goal so far. I can win next year. Baby steps, ok??


Besides, “Eagle Awards Loser 2006” has a ring to it, yeah?? I think it would make a cool sticker, and everyone likes a sore loser, yeah??


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