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 First in Line for the William Shatner Brand Hairpieces.

First in Line for the William Shatner Brand Hairpieces.
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OK. Whoa. Hereís the deal. I feel really bad that Iíve been a complete asshole when it comes to updates, so, hereís what Iím going to do. Over the next two weeks, weíre going to have TEN DRASTICS. So Iíll essentially be updating 5 times a week for a fortnight. WHOO. Ok, so Iím sorry this one is so late, but you know, see above about me being an asshole when it comes to updates. But there will be a new comic up by Tuesday morning. So like really soon. YAY.

Generally, this where Iíd ask you all to vote, but I donít have a incentive ready for today, as I have a voting event planned for the next two weeks, so watch out. Itíll be rolling tomorrow.

Speaking of voting, I really need a favour right now. The Eagle Awards are currently getting together its Nominations for the 2007 awards. And Drastic is in the running. The list of nominations has to be whittled down to like a final five by the 28th of February, so the actual voting can begin properly in March. SO, what Iím asking here is, please nominate me in the ďFavourite Web-Based Comics:Ē Category. I really want to be nominated properly and get on the short list. How awesome would that be?? Its essentially a pipe dream, but its always fun to attack windmills, am I right???

I would really appreciate it if you nominated me. Thanks guys. Youíre the best readers any webcomic could hope for.
See you tomorrow.

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