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 You Can't Walk Away From That.

You Can't Walk Away From That.
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I really hate that I sing along to stuff constantly. It just gets me a lot of funny looks. Although it does ensure me some space on bus journeyís, Its not like Iím making a deliberate decision to sing along, I just do. But in regard to the bus comment from like a sentence ago, this is a true story. I used to be on the bus A LOT during college as I lived far away, but not far away enough to justify moving within the same city. Anyways, I had taken to listening to the radio, in an attempt to be informed on what was exactly going on in the world, (as a 20 year old reading the Irish Times just looks fucking pretentious.) and this was around the time Avril Lavingeís opus ďSkater BoyĒ (I flat out refuse to type how it was originally known, we have vowels for a fucking reason) was oddly popular. So, I was on the bus, half asleep as it was pretty early, and this song comes on the radio. To those lucky enough to be uninitiated with the glories of this ballad, thereís a line where Avril states ďThere is more than meets the eye.Ē And in my semi-conscious state, I shouted out in response, ďTHEYíRE ROBOTS IN DISGUISE!!Ē I really wish that this wasnít true, but it is.

If you vote today, youíll see Wolverine voicing his opinion on an, in fairness, pretty ancient but still ridiculous, editorial decision that states that no Marvel characters that can smoke in a Marvel comic. Ever. I think Mr. Logan expresses his point of view much better than I ever could, so check it out.

Holy shit. You need to see this video, holy shit. Goddamn, I love the Jimmy Swift Band so much, and this video is a pretty good indication why. Fuck yes. Thanks to Sonja for the link.

One more things. I need to ask you all a question. Itís pretty serious and I need your full attention. OK?? Are you listening at the back there?? OK. Here it is.


Do I hate myself?? Is this some sort of self harm?? Right now, itís making me so angry I want to fly to Texas and harm Kurtz. Seriously. First of all

First of all, he blantantly ripped off Crtl Alt Deland with PVPís ďPixmasĒ event. And to make matters worse, he turned off the comments on his blog when people started calling him on his BLANTANT plagiarizing, and his reason was, and I quote

"Iím disabling comments in the blog for a little while. Itís not that I donít want to hear from you guys, because I do. Itís just that the sheer abundance of redundancy and stupidity thatís been circling the comments section has myself and other PvP readers totally frustrated."

All because he couldn't handle being called a worthless hack for ripping off another webcomic.

And what is really really pissing me off now, is the sheer immaturity and arrogance on display in his new Storyline. Its about how Skull gets a job as an actor, but no one likes his voice. Its "funny" because Kurtz recieved alot of stick for who he cast as Skull's voice in the PVP animated series. So instead of just accepting that people don't his choices (I think Skull's voice is good) he takes these guys out for a walk and tries to humiliate them, while only embarrassing himself as it appears that he can't take ANY criticism. Seriously why would you think mocking the people who donít like you would achieve?? Itís not like youíre changing their minds. Anyway, fuck it. Iím obviously putting more work and thought into this than you have.

Fuck you, Scott Kurtz, fuck you right in the ear.

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