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Seriously, itís not that bad of an idea. Reality is totally subjective, after all. And just to get that tricky legal stuff out the way, I do not endorse tripping on acid and skateboarding in an attempt to recreate a scene from Back to the Future 2. But then again, if youíre dumb enough to do things you saw in a fucking webcomic, Iím doing the gene pool a favour by taking you of it. Iím helping Darwin along. Weíre pretty good friends actually. Just the other day, he called me ďhis homie.Ē Weíre wicked tight. No, Iím not high. Maybe youíre high. Shit!! Are you a cop?? Ok, I think we all need to cool out. Cool out. Seriously, Iím not high. I donít even own a skateboard.

If you vote today, youíll see a very important message from Donald Trump. I was watching the Apprentice last night, and I have never been more ashamed to own a TV in my entire life. And when I tell you that I enjoy Murder She Wrote, youíll know just how low my standards are. Seriously, what the hell?? This is easily the worst thing I have ever seen on TV. Itís shows like this is why Aliens havenít made contact. They obviously think weíre too fucking moronic to visit if this is what passes for entertainment down here. Christ, I used to think Trump was kinda cool for essentially attacking Rosie OíDonnell with chance he could get, but you know what?? Fuck them both. In the ear. There are both parasites, sucking the good out of everyone around them. They are both disgusting human beings, who are cheapening the world by the very presence. In fact, I am cheapened by even typing about them, and I havenít even said theyíre names out loud yet. Help me.

Anyways, Iíve been watching the leaked episodes from the new season of 24 and HOLY SHIT. We are in for quite the badass treat when these come on the air. Oh man, seriously, these writer and producers keep out doing themselves. Just when you think they couldnít go anymore over the top, they do, and make you feel like an idiot for being so small time in your feeble, mortal thinking. Itís no wonder Keifer Sutherlandís film career is fucked, how can you possibly top being Jack Bauer??

Ok, seriously, I need a shower to get rid of the stench that comes to giving so much thought to Rosie OíDonnell and Donald Trump.

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