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 Animal Crossing Was Proving Quite The Distraction.

Animal Crossing Was Proving Quite The Distraction.
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So, 2007. I donít know. It doesnít sound like a good year. Aesthetically, it doesnít look very appealing on the page. And even though we are currently living in the present, two thousand and seven sounds more vaguely cold, abstract and futuristic than other year since 2000 rolled around. And since we donít have hoverboards, I refuse to believe that we are in the future. Even though we are living in the Present. Yes, itís a bit of a grammatical and chorological minefield, Iíll grant you.

Anyways, why not relieve all this future mumbo Jumbo and vote,

So, Saddamn Hussein is dead. I guess Iím coming late to game, but its been on my mind a lot.

I still have no idea where I really stand on the Death Penalty. Then again, Iím 23, Iím meant to be young and idealistic. And if you read that as stupid, youíre probably not wrong. No doubt my opinions will change with experience and time. But even still, I can just about get behind the idea that Saddamís execution is essential to Iraq moving on. His death could be seen as a baptism of a new civilised future for all the Iraqi people. And thatís important, as these people are entering a bright new age.

But I found Husseinís hanging unsettling for a couple of reasons. I know he refused the hood, so I wonít talk about that. But he was brought to a dark, grey, unmarked room, possibly underground. The people who hanged him didnít wear uniforms or wore clothes of any official nature. They merely wore balaclavas over what they would normally wear on Saturday. Now, I can understand that Baghdad would literally burn to ground if Hussein was executed with the daylight on his face. But his, and I really donít want to say ďexecutionersĒ here, really should have been wearing uniforms or at least dressed accordingly. This should have been an execution, not a murder. There was nothing official, professional or dignified at all about how this monster left the world.

Essentially, the process matters. As thatís the only way of telling who the good guys are.

I know some might say that Iraq is a completely different culture and they have different ways of doing things. But once they agreed to govern themselves democratically, they opened themselves up to be judged by a higher standard.

Anyway, Iraq wants democracy. Even with the US army there, if they didn't want to govern themselves, they wouldn't have. These people want to be able to govern themselves in a civilized way. They have at most a century of oil left and then, they're gone. They need an infrastruccture in place to help everyone while the goings good before the oil wells run out and it descends back into chaos. Again. By accepting a democracy, they're essentially saying "take us seriously." I know thereís an awful lot of a bad people in Iraq, but I genuinely feel the people in charge want to help the country, and the best thing they can do is allow themselves to be judged to a higher standard. And of course these people should be treated humanly and with respect. They're going to die. What could you possibly do them thats worse then whats ahead of them??? How we treat those who disagree with us and hurt is the difference between us and them.

Once again, the process is all that murder, as murder is murder and the process is whatís important here.

Ok, so yeah 2007. Iím still have really mixed feelings about 2006, as it was either my best or worst year ever. Iím still figuring all that out.

See you on Wednesday.

© 2005,2006 Adam Murray