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 The Gift Giving Minefield

The Gift Giving Minefield
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Hey guys, I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves and are stretching out Christmas for as long as you can bear. I guess this comic is just a variation on theme around here.

I’m still upset about James Brown In a sense, he was always there for me. Whenever I was feeling down, I always put on some James Brown. Because I defy you not to listen to the Godfather of Soul and not crack smile. He was 73, which seems too young an age to pass on at, but he did leave an exceptional life, and his energy and stage presence will probably never be equaled. He will go down as one of histories greatest musicians and he’ll be sorely, sorely missed.

So, yes. voting. But still, twilight princess is balls awesome. If only I had a Wii to play it on. I have the cash right now, but it has to go on other things, like food and heat and shelter. Go being sensible sucks balls.

Sorry this is such a short rant, but I’ve been watching The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer trailer…umm…a lot. You’ll see what I mean when you watch it. The more I see of this movie, from the casting of Doug Jones, to the recruitment of WETA for the Visual Effects, to how good the work in progress footage of The Silver Surfer looks, the more I want to say ”Fuck. Yes”

See you on Friday

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