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 It's Not Like he Had to Battle The Midgard Serpent

It's Not Like he Had to Battle The Midgard Serpent
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Sorry, I wanted this up earlier, but I had a Christmas tree to put up. Anyways, so I wrote this comic when I was watching Toy Story 2, on the flight home from Canada. Jesus, how I love Toy Story. Its just so good, and it still holds up to multiple viewings. And even though I have a degree in Digital Animation, I couldn’t give a shit about how good it looks. The story and the performances are so good, it almost makes the ground breaking visuals irrelevant.

If you vote todayYou’ll get a special peek into Gill’s feelings about Ocean 13. The trailer can be found here, just click on the “X-large trailer”. I really want this movie to be good. But I’ve already made my feelings quite clear on the subject in August.

Ok, see you guys on Friday!!

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