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FACT: Free Jazz is awesome. It may not to be everyoneís tastes, but its still easier to listen to than Slayer. And The Kaiser Chiefs. Jesus Fuck, I hate those guys. Anyways, free jazz. It may not be everyoneís cup of tea, but its still a bunch of guys hanging out and making music, and you have to respect that. Unless those guys are of course, The Kaiser Chiefs. Fuck those guys. Hereís a video of Tommy Tiernan talking about Free Jazz.. Yeah, Iíve only started getting into this Free Jazz stuff and so far, Iím a fan. I dunno, Iím pretty high.

So, if you vote today you definitely will NOT see a slice of reality when I told Gill I thought the American version of the Office was pretty ok. I donít see what the big deal is. Well, I can. American situation comedy hasnít really been a showcase for laughter. Seinfeld was really good, so was Fraiser, but Friends died a death after season 3. There hasnít been anything spectactular flying the flag for comedy on American TV outside of Stewart and Colbert. And letís face it, whenever a British or any foreign TV show gets adapted for the American market, bad things happen. I have no idea how you fuck up Deal or No Deal but somehow, Howie Mandel found a way. And the only reason The Weakest Link didnít die on its feet was the choice to use Anne Robinson. Anyway, I digress. I really the Office. And in someways, I prefer it to the original version. 3 words people, Dwight K Schrute. Oh yeah. I guess, with stuff like the Office, My name is Earl, Its always Sunny in Philadelphia, and to lesser extent (because its winding down) Scrubs, American Sitcoms are pretty awesome. If only they could have less ads.

Also, ladies, watch out: Paul Oí Regan has brought his A-Game to to his wardrobe. Check him out rocking his Drastic Tee. Pretty damn sexy if I say so myself. But Iíll let the photo evidence speak for itself.


One more thing, remember Matthew ďPogues MahoneĒ Metzger?? He really helped me out a while back with a guest strip a few months ago?? Anyway, I repaid the favour to him, by taking part in his awesomely star studded guest week. You can check out my contribution right here.

Anyway, Iíll see you guys on Wednesday.

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