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 Ignorant of the works of Randy Newman

Ignorant of the works of Randy Newman
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I just know Iím going to get an email saying this actually happened and then Iím going to feel bad about making a joke it. But until then, I will sit on my high horse with impunity. I still havenít worked out what exactly the purpose of a Myspace friend is, but I have worked out that Spicy Parsnip soup is delicious. Same with Leek and Potato soup. Iím a soup detective.

Yeah, sorry this is late. Also, I know I promised 5 updates this week, but thatís happening next week, as Iíve a lot more on my plate than I thought I would. Oops.

Also, if you vote Youíll see Panel one with no speech bubbles as I really like how it turned out.

See you on Friday guys.

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