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Ahh crutches. But 30 Rock is really good. Itís simple fun and I have a big old man crush on Tina Fey. Itís weird, my favourite shows new shows are 30 Rock and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and I have only seen one episode of SNL. And Iím not gay, even though I think Patrick Dempsey has hair that could only be described as ďdreamyĒ

If you vote todayyouíll see something cool. Yeah, Iím writing this before I have the incentive drawn. I can promise itíll be funny.

So once again, I bring you Drasticís first online store. Iím very, very pleased. I hope you guys like it. If thereís a design you think Iím missing, please let me know and Iíll include it. A word of caution. IF YOU WANT ANY OF THIS AWESOMENESS BY THE COMMERCIAL ORGASM THAT IS CHRISTMAS, YOU'LL HAVE TO ORDER BY NOVEMBER 30TH AGAIN, SORRY ABOUT THIS, BUT I DON'T WANT ANY OF YOU TO BE TO DISAPPOINTED.

Yep and the 30th is tomorrow, just so you know.

Sorry this is so late, stuff kinda caught up with me today. Again. Sorry.

Ok happy shopping.

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