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 Race Relations

Race Relations
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First off, I think J 5, De La Soul and The Roots to be much more Hip-Hop than Rap. Rap was just a convenient catch all term. Iím really not smart enough or eloquent enough to make a post about actual race relations. I really enjoy some hip hop acts, Iím a big Dave Chappelle fan and my love for Richard Pryor knows no bounds. Iím saying this as Iím a fan because I enjoy their work NOT because I think black people are uber trendy and I want to hop on the band wagon.

If you vote today, you see an alternative ending for todayís strip. I think the one I went for is stronger, but what do you prefer??

I guess the whole white vs. black thing kicked off again when Kramer went Kkkrazy. Deplorable as Michael Richards attitude and choice of words was, I really donít see the huge fuss this has caused. People seem to be blowing this out of all proportion escalating this into some huge free speech / racial debate. Bullshit. When a white man uses the term ďniggerĒ as a insult, itís an extreme sign of ignorance. But when you discuss lynching black people like youíre nostalgic and its something to think back on kindly, then youíre a big fat racist and a despicable human being. End of argument. And I canít help but laugh when I hear TV pundits ask ďis this the end of Michael Richards career??Ē Excuse me?? What career?? How many people last week found out that Kramerís real name was Michael Richards?? He has done nothing after Seinfeld, so its not like he was wrecking a Hollywood legacy. Heís like that crazy guy on the bus who rants and raves about them putting aids into ice cream vans.

Anyways, it is with great pride and pleasure I give to you Drasticís first online store. Iím very, very pleased. I hope you guys like it. If thereís a design you think Iím missing, please let me know and Iíll include it. A word of caution. IF YOU WANT ANY OF THIS AWESOMENESS BY THE COMMERCIAL ORGASM THAT IS CHRISTMAS, YOU'LL HAVE TO ORDER BY NOVEMBER 30TH AGAIN, SORRY ABOUT THIS, BUT I DON'T WANT ANY OF YOU TO BE TO DISAPPOINTED.

Sorry this is so late, stuff kinda caught up with me today.

Ok happy shopping.

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