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 This Sam's Supposedly Some Hot Sh*t

This Sam's Supposedly Some Hot Sh*t
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Yep, so the Killers have a new album out. Should we care?? I dunno. I enjoyed the hell out of the first album, Hot Fuss, and when I heard about the new album, I was intrigued to see how far they pushed themselves for that “difficult second album.” Apparently, not very far. But that’s a really snide comment to make. It’s a fine album to be sure, much deeper than their outing, but still bringing nothing new to the table. All they’ve done, in my opinion is learnt how to play the instruments better and is that enough?? I don’t think so.

This strip was sort of inspired by a conversation I had with my friend Bruno about the album. That’s where I got the tag “Bon Jovi for the Myspace Generation.” I dunno, I do think its grossly unfair and unprofessional to attack a band on the basis that you don’t like the image they put out and by knocking them down, you somehow build up you “indie cred.” I think that’s bullshit. Base judgement on whether or not you enjoy record, not their fashion sense. All that being said though, My Chemical Romance can suck on my balls.

Also, vote today to hear a cry for help. Sort of.

Ok, I have to finish designing some t shirts as so far, it’s been kicking my ass. Check back here tomorrow for the link to the cafepress store. And if you’re on the mailing list, I’ll shoot you guys an email tonight when the shop goes live.

Ok, I better get back to work

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