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 And If You Can Find Them

And If You Can Find Them
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Mother of God, how I hate Pixar and Brad Bird. And everybody who made the Incredibles

I mean how much do they have rub it our faces that they're amoung the most talented people on the planet? Not only did Mr. "look at me, I worked on the Simpsons and animated Krusty" Bird write one of the best examinations of Superherodom outside Watchmen, they had to give us the most visually arresting film ever. Some people call that showing off dude....

As some one who wants to make films and tell stories for a living, it frightens me how hard its going to be to top this film. Thought Finding Nemo was stunning? Well do I have Three words for you my friend, Fabric, Flesh and hair. Now being the animation nerd that I am, i've seen ALOT of attempts at doing even fabric and it never looks right. Never. But how they got the phsics of the inverse kenetics SO smooth, even now,hours after see the Incredibles, is making me shake with excitement...Good job.

I'm finding it too hard to not to write in hyberbole, so i'm going to discuss the incredibles later when i'm not talking like Stan Lee...

by the way, I'm really sorry about the shitness of the linework, I left my nib and ink in college so i couldn't ink the strip properly on the week end...sorry. i hope you're liking our first story arc. I know we are.

Live fast, die young, stay up late "She Looks like a steakhouse, but handles like a bistro!!!"

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