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 Guest Strip by Brandon J. Carr and Jon Scrivens

Guest Strip by Brandon J. Carr and Jon Scrivens
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Sorry this is late. Was feeling really sick and spent the day in bed. The internet was down, and I still didnít feel well enough to get down to Starbucks to post it up. Yeah, I was pretty rough. Anyways, this strip is brought to you buy the irrepressible talents of Brandon J. Carr and Jon Scrivens. If Brandon J.Carr sounds familiar, itís because he created the excellent and much missed The Kenmore. Itís a really excellent comic and you should definitely check it out. Itís awesome. And you HAVE to check out Jonís comic, Little Terrors.. Itís a really bizarre and funny comic. Itís got Zombies. You should read it.

Also todayís voting incentive is by Millarworldís own photoshop terrorist, Mr. Ciaran Downey. It looks ace, and if youíre confused, donít be, it makes reference to Fionnualaís awesome incentive from earlier on, which can be seen here

Picked up the newish Foo Fightersí[/url Album, Skin and Bones the other day, and I really liked it. Itís their first album and itís all acoustic. I really liked it, but I donít know how objective I can be with the Foo Fighters. I mean, every time Iíve seen them has ranked among the best live gigs Iíve ever been too, and theyíre probably my favourite band that still has a chance of still putting out records.

To everyone thatís supported my guest fortnight, THANK YOU. Every thingís ok now, and normal Drastic resumes on Monday!! Hooray!! I still have some Guest strips, so until I run out of material, Drastic will updates 5 days a week next week to showcase the rest of the guest art thatís been sent in. Hopefully, I can get another two comics, so I can run this for two week, but next week youíll be getting 5 fingers of Drastic, so watch out!! Also, on Monday, to celebrate Drastic getting back on the air, Iíll have t shirts for sale. Hurrah!!

See you on Monday!!

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