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 Guest Strip by Trevor Mueller

Guest Strip by Trevor Mueller
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Hey Guys, say thanks to Trevor for his part in keeping Drastic updating. Hooray. But things are looking better as Drastic will DEFINITELY be up again by next week if not sooner. YAY!!!

Also, why not vote today?? And everyday this week for that matter?? Because the guys and gals at Millar Worldhave been so awesome, Iím making their Drastic Meme a daily voting extravaganza!! So, everyday, Iíll be showcasing another one of these beauties. Oh yes. So, donít forget to vote Iíll be watching.

Todayís incentive is brought to you by Millarworlder Fionnuala, although she goes by Needia. She has a deviant art page, which is pretty awesome, but I canít find it right now. (Iím such a bad internet friend) But rest assured, when I find it, or when Needia emails it to me, Iíll be sure to share. Huzzah.

If youíre here from SMBC, Zachís strip can be found, right here. Enjoy.

Ok, thatís all for today.

See you on Wednesday

Thanks for reading!!

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