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 Guest Strip by Zach Weiner

Guest Strip by Zach Weiner
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Heyhey, guest week one is over, and things are looking good for getting Drastic up running. Hooray!! Ok, this strip was drawn by the AWESOME Zach Weiner of the incredibly idiosyncratic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. If you’re not reading it, why not?? It’s like the Far Side on crack. And if that comparison didn’t swing it, I really have no hope for you.

Now, we have NEW VOTING INCENTIVES!! the awesome guys over at the Millarword forums"> have created quite the thread for me to help out while I’m unable to draw Drastic. Specifically Will and Tobin, you guys have been fantastic. I’m hoping that one of these will be a strip next week, they’re that awesome. But for the time being, I’m just going to use these as incentives, as I love them so. Here’s the thread in Question.

Ahh smoking. I really hate these people who feel the need to pipe up and voice they’re opinions in the most annoying way possible about how “unhealthy” and “disgusting” smoking is. Also, FYI, I think you eating the mutilated flesh of an innocent animal is gut wrenchingly awful, but do I bring it up EVERY goddamn time you eat a burger?? NO. See, despite appearances, I am not a complete dickhead. But if you go to KFC, I’m a lot more vocal, because in fairness, they are the fucking devil. Yeah, so smoking. Also, they is no need to impart on us how are bad for our health. WE KNOW. What do think, we’ve been living under a fucking rock for years, unaware of this phenomenon?? It’s not we were walking down the road and some whacked us on the back of the head and went “TAG!! YOU’RE AN ADDICT!!” It’s an informed choice, and its our bodies. Also, they are far worse things in this world, and to quote a great man, non smokers die every day.

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