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 Guest Strip by Matthew Metzger

Guest Strip by Matthew Metzger
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And guest week continues!!! Huzzah!! Incidentally, I feel like a real grown up declaring I have a ďguest week.Ē Well, as grown up as I can be with a webcomic. Because, obviously, comics are for kids. Jesus, I hope no actual kids read this: I am in SO much trouble with their parents if they do. Never have I been more hesitant about getting new readers. I suppose the only thing I can say is, Parents? Keep a better eye on what your kids look at online.

So yeah, this strip is drawn by the awesome Matthew Metzger, better known to some as Pogues. He draws the pretty new, but still enjoyable comic, Rose City. Itís only 31 strips old, but I smell promise. And soft cheese, but has got nothing to do with this. I wrote this strip. It essentially highlights my two main fears, 1) Going bald and 2) it being Gillís fault. The whole idea, the concept if you will, of my hair turning grey and then falling out (maybe not even in that order) doesnít worry me. But the idea of it happening before my 25th birthday TERRIFIES ME. This puts me in a pretty upsetting situation, as I canít go the normal route of getting a really tight haircut, as I look horrendous with a shaved head. I look like Iím day release. Itís not a pretty sight. Iíll guess Iíll cross (or throw myself off) that bridge when I come to it.

I know Matthew may not be as high a profile artist like Joe Dunn on Monday but Mattís a really nice guy and I hope I can give him some much needed traffic.

Incidentally, I shaved my beard off. My face is cold. That is all.

Also, voting when thereís no incentive is the mark of the true fan. Oh yes.

Now, if youíre a webcomic guy and youíve liked what youíve seen so far, shoot me a mail to adam@drasticcomics.com, if you want to take part.

Thanks guys, youíve been great.

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