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 Guest Strip By Joe Dunn

Guest Strip By Joe Dunn
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There is a higher power somewhere in this universe. Of that I am certain. Iím also pretty sure that power likes me right now. I mean COME ON!! JUST FUCKING LOOK AT WHAT Mr JOE DUNN DID FOR ME! All the pain, all the frustration, all the negative energy that was created when my shiny, precious, drawing tablet died on Thursday has now been washed away when I saw todayís comic. Once again, I say, HOLY SHIT. I donít really know whatís more offensive, the constant swearing or the abuse of my caps lock key, but itís only because I am so utterly impressed with what my friend has done for me.

That friend is of course, Mr Joe Dunn of such comics as Joe Loves Crappy Movies, Matriculated, Free Lunch and The Coffee Achievers. If you havenít worked it out yet, this man is a web comic making machine. You should read everything he does. Also, you should check out Mitch Clemís pretty impressive output, awesome and he wrote . The Coffee Achievers Hooray. That may possible be the most links I have ever used in one paragraph.

I can guarantee you that everyone of those links goes somewhere totally unique and everyone of them is definitely worth your time.

Ok, if you want to vote thatís cool, but I canít blame you if you didnít, as I have no incentive for you today. I would, however, ask you to remember how awesome all my other ones have been and I ask that in memory of those, you vote today, to keep Drastic strong.

If you are confused as to why there is someone different drawing Drastic today, hereís an excerpt from Fridayís newspost.

"My Wacom died on Thursday night. Itís the tool Iíve almost exclusively used to create Drastic since this strip. As most of you know, I just moved from Dublin to Halifax a few months ago. Because myself, the Wacom tablet and Photoshop were all getting along so well together, I didnít think of any need to pack any other art supplies, as I had gotten along so well without them. Little did I know that this would happen."

Now, things are looking a LOT brighter than they did on that Thursday night, let me tell you. Oh yes. I have guest strips planned up until Next Monday, so there are still plenty of spaces left if you want to have a crack at it. I canít pay you or anything, but I would be ETERNALLY grateful and will pay you back however and whenever I can. If youíre interested, send me a email to adam@drasticcomics.com. Iíll treat you right.

See you on Wednesday.

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