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 "Hiatus" Is Now My Very Least Favourite Word.

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Hey guys, hereís the deal.

My Wacom died on Thursday night. Itís the tool Iíve almost exclusively used to create Drastic since this strip. As most of you know, I just moved from Halifax to Dublin a few months ago. Because myself, the Wacom tablet and Photoshop were all getting along so well together, I didnít think of any need to pack any other art supplies, as I had gotten along so well without them. Little did I know that this would happen.

So what position does this put me in?? Not a very good one, unfortunately. I donít have the means to hand create Drastic to a professional degree at the moment, and Iím really not ready to sacrifice the quality just to keep up an update schedule. Iím trying to get some guest strips ready, but please, if you have a webcomic, and you think you could do a guest strip, please send me an email to adam@drasticcomics.com. You have no idea how grateful Iíll be. If you want, Iíll even write it for you as, I have a bunch of strips ready to go.

There is not one part of this I donít hate will all my black little heart. As you know, Drastic has been doing so well recently, and Iím terrified any break will just ruin all the great momentum Iíve been gathering.

Iíd really appreciate it you still voted even though thereís no new incentive image. And if you want to check out the last thing I drew with my Wacom, its over on the Adam Draws Daily livejournal.

Thank you all for your support and I hope to remedy this as soon as I can.

Thanks again, and Iíll let you guys know on Monday what the deal is, and how the situation is progressing.

Oops. What I meant to say was that I moved FROM Dublin TO Halifax. Sorry for the confusion.
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