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 Apparently, he's a Fan

Apparently, he's a Fan
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Hey hey!! And I hope I’m offending too many French Canadians with today’s strip. I know how you hate to be associated with Céline Dion. It must be a tough cross to bear, knowing she’s essentially your fault. It’s ok. I don’t blame you. Much.

I know it’s a day late, but if you vote for Drastic today, you get some Halloween Action courtesy of the Sideburn. Those unfamiliar with the Sideburn you be wise to check here. His “adventures” essentially start with this strip and continue for a solid 6 strips.

Since, I’m on a linking bonanza already, why shouldn’t I continue the trend with Talking about Drew Edward’s excellent creation, Halloween Man?? Mr Edwards is in the process of putting the entire archive online . You should check it out, as the comic boasts some really fun stories and interiors drawn by some of the best artists the web has to offer, including soon to be industry legend, Ms. Nicola Scott. Check these out, you won’t be disappointed. Check it out and have some fun.

Oh, one more thing; THANK YOU!! The stats have been fucking terrific this month, and its all down to you guys. You’re awesome. To put things in perspective, I never thought we’d beat August’s numbers till at least December, if not the New Year. But we completely smashed through that figure this month with a lot of room to spare. You have no idea how awesome you guys are for taking the time out of your day to read this comic. I really appreciate it. THANK YOU!!

Ok, I will see you guys on Friday and I will definitely have some Café Press related news. BAM!! (just like that chef).

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