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 Cradle of Filth's Funnier than it is Scary

Cradle of Filth's Funnier than it is Scary
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Yep, thereís a typo in there. Itíll be fixed soon. Oops.

Hey hey, sorry this is late, stupid work. Anyways, its up now and I hope you like it. Can music actually scare you?? Iím not talking about a movie score, as that only adds to the tension already presented on screen. Iím talking about music that has terrified you. Iíve been terrified by music before but mostly its been along the lines of ďAFI still have fans??Ē I have music that has creeped me out, music that can elevate me and music that can genuinely move me to tears. But I can think of no song that have ever scared me in ďBOOĒ sort of way. I guess Iím rambling here. Its been a long day.

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See you Wednesday!!
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