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 I spy the inside of his fucking face

I spy the inside of his fucking face
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Also, this strip is inspired by this guy right here. Apperantly, his name is Pauly Unstoppable. Seriously, Jesus Christ. Now, I like to labour under the impression that Iím pretty hard to shock. If you any of my friends back in Dublin, as we were looking at a picture of a girl gagging on some guys penis so badly she was vomiting all over his genitals, with the aforementioned cock still in her mouth. My first reaction was ďWhy is she wearing socks? Thatís pretty weird.Ē Maybe that might set a benchmark of sorts. BUT FUCKING HELL, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY?? Facial tattoos at 21?? Iím 23 and I have no idea where my life is going and what could happen, but seriously, how arrogant to do have to be at 21 to get facial tattoos as you are so sure what the future has in store for you?? Christ.

Because I had such a fun time drawing this idiot today, I thought Iíd use him again to tell the future of a lot of people who embark upon the route of extreme body modification. You can check it out by voting here. Now please, donít try and bullshit me with your little communist fantasies when it comes to freedom of expression. We live in a capitalist society. Deal with it, Pinko. First impressions are vitally important and guess what sort of impression youíll be making with face full of tats?? Yes, thatís right, an unemployable statement. Thatís just the way things are.

Also, Iím going to be starting up a Cafepress store for merchandise sometime by next week. If you have an ideas for t shirts that relate to Drastic, please let me know. This is merchandise for YOU, so you should have as much say as possible.

Also, still no Friday Adam Draws Daily, but itíll be up soon. Why not check out yesterdayís and see my entry into this years Batgirl Meme?? Apparently, itís started up againÖ

Also, whoo!! Three weeks of solid Monday Wednesday Friday updates!! Go Team. Thanks for reading guys. Also, traffic is continuing to be fucking awesome in everyway imaginable.

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