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I really donít know what to make about all this. I mean holy shit. Of course some of this crap cannot be true, but is there really smoke with no fire?? It really doesnít bear thinking about. As I said in the comic, I really donít want it to be true, but I really hope Millsí isnít lying because trivialising and taking advantage of the horrors of domestic is a really fucking low thing to do.

Also, vote to see my transition over to the dark side. The circle is nearly complete. Weíve been kicking major amounts of ass on the Buzzcomix Top 100 list and Iíd love to see that continue. More on that later.

Hey, no new Adam Draws Daily YET, but Iíll one up later on, for definite. You really should check out the vegetarian t-shirt design I did yesterday, as Iím immensely proud of it.

So yeah, on a more serious note. I really want to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time out of your day to read Drastic. I really appreciate it. Seriously, you have no idea. And to all my new readers, HELLO!! Welcome to Drastic! Try the place out, see if it fits. I hope it does.

I am honestly over whelmed by how our traffic has increased severely over the last month. Itís insane. Ever time I check the stats, its almost like Iím playing a game of ďletís shock the shit out Adam with incredible numbersĒ with my computer. Thanks to Zach at SMBC very kindly linking to us, I really didnít think weíd top August numbers for at least a few months, but weíre set to match and beat Augustís record traffic.

Seriously, you have no idea how much I love you guys for reading Drastic and to keep coming back for you. It makes all my hard work worth it.

Thank you all and see you guys on Friday.

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