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 One too many viewings of Dirty Harry Later...

One too many viewings of Dirty Harry Later...
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Hey, hey, sorry this is late. I was looking for a cat that wasn’t even mine all night. You see on Saturday, I went for a walk and saw this cat sitting on a stoop up the street from my place. He was one awesome, friendly cat. Really, pretty too, he had a really great long coat on him. Anyway he let me pet him and some such, and I went on my way. And yesterday (Sunday) I was getting some coffee and What am I presented with?? Missing Posters for the exact same cat I was hanging out with last night. SO, I could possibly be the last guy who saw that cat. I thought it was weird that such a nice cat was sitting outside such a not nice house, and I did nothing. Bah

So, like a Jackass, I felt guilty about this, so I spent the majority of last night looking for this stupid motherfucking cat. I scoured all over the South End and no luck. Bah. I hope he’s safe.

Anyways, on with the show. Click here to vote for our last of my “The Prestige” themed incentives. Hope you like it.

And don’t forget about good ol’ Adam Draws Daily. I drew a pretty kickass Spider-Man on Sunday. I hope you like it.

Really need to sleep now.

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