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 Your buddy: Cold, Unfeeling technology

Your buddy: Cold, Unfeeling technology
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Hey hey, here’s the second ever Drastic to be published on a Wednesday. We’re making history here folks. Sorry its late, but stuff caught up with me which delayed the comic. Oops. Stupid sleeping. Its gets in the way of so much.

Also, to prove that this strip doesn’t take place in a bubble, check out Monday’s comic for a “previously on Drastic” type of deal.

Also, The Prestige comes out on Friday and I can’t wait. Also, to put this in contrast, I really fucking hate magicians. With all my heart. Seriously, I can’t stand the pretentious fuckers. All they do is lie and act like they’re gods gift. Seriously, if a trick lasts five minutes, that trick is done within the first minute. The other four minutes are for the performer to get a blowjob of attention from the audience. I don’t know why, but it just irritates the hell out of me. Plus this movie has Batman and Wolverine too.

Because of this, I’m making my voting incentives Prestige themed over the next three days. And because Joe Dunn talked me into, we’re having a special Prestige comic on Monday. Hooray for Culture!! And I know Tom for the always awesome Theatre Hopper has a Prestige strip on roughly the same lines as I want, but I’m confident we’re not stepping on each others toes here.

Ok, just another quick plug for Adam Draws Daily. If you check it out today, you’ll get an awesome Scott Pilgrim Drawing. I think I made my thoughts and feeling about Mr Pilgrim pretty clear in the past. So know this, Scott Pilgrim is awesome and if you don’t read it, I will fight you.

Also, huggy loves to my “boy” Lucian Von Doom for making sure my New Kids on the Block album cover was the real deal. Thanks buddy. Also, I know (well now I do) that one of them got busted for drugs awhile ago. But during their career, they were touted as a clean living, wholesome act. And besides, Bill Hicks never made any jokes about Straight Edge bands.

See you on Friday.
Hey guys, sorry this is late. Bah, stupid body just needing sleep. Like it actually important. Anyway, had a pretty random night, and I just want to say hi to Paul and Christine, two Drastic readers right her in Halifax. Yeah, I was getting some coffee last night, as I was walking out of Starbucks, I saw this couple looking at their laptop, the screen was sorta orange, and me, being the egotistical prick that I am, toyed with the fact they were reading Drastic. They were. Holy shit. So, I did what anyone else would do (I hope) I went and I said hi. I’m glad I did too, because they are awesome people. Hi guys!! Thanks for reading!! I hope I didn’t freak you out.

Also, slight break with today’s strip. I’ve been keep Drastic on what I think is a tight musical leash for the past two weeks or so, as because, Adam and Gill work in a Goddamn record store for a reason. It makes sense that the jokes should be about music. And jokes about New Kids on the Block just flow to me in the night, so why not fuse the two? Anyways, today’s strip. Those vigilant among you would have noticed that I have special “The Prestige” inspired vote incentives running From last Wednesday to Monday, as the thought of Wolverine and Batman doing magic tricks is just too funny. And I was talking to buddy Joe Dunn[/url about ideas and my Prestige incentive plans. And As I writing, this strip came into my head, but it was too long for an incentive, so Joe convinced me to do this. Thanks dude. Hope I’m not kicked out the vegetarian club for thinking jokes about bunnies being accidentally murdered on stage is funny. I hope I don’t have to vegan to make up for this. Its not I killed a rabbit as research…Oh…wait. I’ve made a huge mistake.

Adam Draws Daily is still pumping out stuff. In case you missed it, check out Thursday’s as I really quite proud of it.

See you on Monday guys!!

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