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 CHOO CHOO!! All Aboard!!

CHOO CHOO!! All Aboard!!
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Drastic has now evolved to being essentially fuelled by Starbucks coffee to now being uploaded there, as the wireless in my building is acting all funny.

Other titles for this comic could have been; ďWhoa, that is a tight rehearsal spaceĒ or ďMan, who play guitar with strings like that???Ē Yeah, I havenít drawn guitars in a long time. Ooops. Goddamn, I love bands. I think the dynamic is so fascinating, if I ever get a non Drastic comic published, I really want to do a comic about a band. Theyíre like a family, but not so. Itís kinda hard to pin down, which I why I want to tell a story about them so much. I have three separate ideas for this band comic, but no actual plot. One day, Iíll actually write it and start pitching it around.

So, truth time. I was really, really busy this weekend, and I didnít actually have time to do a vote incentive. Sorry. If youíd like to vote anyway, thatíd be great, but itís not essential. You should only vote if you want to. I still really like Fridayís incentive. I know this may look like the beginning of the end for the incentives, with Drastic going thrice weekly (thrice is such an awesome to say. So euphonic) and Adam Draws Daily but fear not. I fucking LOVE doing the incentives, so please donít worry. I enjoy them too much just to stop doing them.

Speaking of Adam Draws Daily that has been going awesomely well. 8 updates in 8 days, thank you very much. Iíve been having a blast doing them. I think Iíve learned a lot too doing them, even in such a sort space of time. This Wolverine drawing really kicked my ass, but in a good way. I really like it. Itís not perfect, but since I never really many action poses, Iím happy with the results. For now.

Anyways...Click here for todays Adam Draws Daily to see how a tiny, green hair girl would react when she meets a Giant, transforming robot. (She recacts by be totally awesome)

Ok, see you on Wednesday!!

Thanks and Enjoy guys!!
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